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Empowering your brand

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Creative coach bringing out-of-the-box solutions.

Since 1985 helping companies of all sizes and from different industries thrive with the evolution of the marketing, social media and technology. Connecting the people with your product, service or community. Helping start-ups defining their identity and communication. Creating beauty, entertaining and engaging audiences.

100% Creative

I offer a fresh view, a lateral thinking and creative problem solving, always towards a new or better solution. I am open minded and very intuitive.

Strategic Thinker

Even when executing a small part of a project, I work with the big picture in mind, with full awareness of the present and thinking in your success and transcendence.

Detail Oriented

I am very detailed with my work in all of its aspects. Not only polishing to get pixel perfection, but also, a good storytelling, visual balance, readability and hierarchisation of the information levels.

Time & Budget Driven

What does perfection mean if it is not on time. I am used to work under the pressure of tight deadlines and bounded budgets. Create, execute, deliver.

Consulting, Solutions & Services

Here is a brief summary of what I can do for you. As the creative world is so wide it is barely impossible to list everything. Bring your need or the problem you need to solve and I will give you the best solution for your budget and deadline.

Brand Consulting


Graphic Design

Logo Design

Web Design & Multimedia

Apps/Game Design

Portfolio and Case Studies

Feel free to navigate my work and read how I helped different clients to reach their goals.



Train, Persist, Suceed

Triadas Responsive Website

Mindful and beautiful

Assorted Emojis Design

iOS Style Icons for Custom Keyboard

Channel Islands - iOS Icons

Clean, flat design for iOS

Centuria Corporate Branding

International, Everlasting, Legacy

White Bridge Logo

Solid, Trustworthy, Wealthy

White Bridge Business Cards

Prefessional, clean stationery

World Trade Smart Logo

Trade, freight, commerce

Fassa Falcons Logo

Badass, agressive, intelligent

Forevermark Brochure

Beautiful editorial design

Vidriera Mobile Logo

Beautiful & effective branding

MaxScholar - Promo Video

Showing a product in 2 minutes

eLearning Mascot

Fun, attitude, personality

MoneyRide Logo

Trust, Confidence, Speed

Storygami Logo Pitch

Filmmaking, storytelling, fun

Holy Molee Game Teaser

Preview for the general audience

30+ years boosting companies of all sizes and industries.

Skype: tschubarov - adrian.tschubarov@gmail.com

Buenos Aires, Argentina